Miihkali Jaatinen tunnelmoi
photo: Paavo Kuukasjärvi
Miihkali Jaatinen rokkailee
photo: Paavo Kuukasjärvi

Miihkali Jaatinen is a versatile music professional. Whether he is working as a guitarist, banjoist or producer, he is known for both ambitious work ethics and unprejudiced creativity.

He received his formal education in Joensuu Conservatory, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the world famous Berklee College of Music. The wilder side of his musical persona has developed on the road playing hundreds of children shows with Hullut Hattuset and the original “cowboy jazz”-events of Miihkali and the Casters of the Universe to name but a few. Both schools have been important and have left their marks to this virtuosic, open-minded and delightfully unpredictable musician.


Miihkali Jaatinen – kitara, banjo, opetus, tuotanto