Recording and production

Do you feel your music could use something new and different? Or do you need a quick low budget demo? Maybe you need a twist of wild wild west on your album in a form of a banjo track (Check out this playlist for examples!)? Perhaps you could use a determined producer to plan the whole project, phase by phase, and to make sure it gets done right all the way to the finished product?

I have years of experience in producing – starting from small budget demos and ranging to official releases with carefully polished studio quality. I’ve studied engineering in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences from where I graduated in 2012.

For smaller productions I have a light mobile studio. With it I can easily turn desired space into recording environment. The mobile setting has enough channels and mics to simultaneously record for example drum set, guitar, bass and vocals. If the space or the gear falls short we can use one of the fine studios in Helsinki or nearby.

As a producer my most visible merit is the nomination of “Siilijalanjälki” – album in the “Children Music Album of the Year 2012” (of Finland) – category. In addition to children music I’ve produced all sorts of music from hardcore punk to cowboy jazz to name but a few. As a producer I’m used to take responsibility holistically. I take a stance on compositions, arrangements, lyrics, sounds, performance and stylistic choices as needed – whatever helps to get the desired result. I can also take more neutral role as a producer when it serves the whole better.

For a quote e-mail!

Tell briefly about your project! At least the essentials should be covered:

– instrumentation

– style of music and possible references

– number/length of the pieces to be recorded-location (do you have a space or would like me to find one?

– schedule/do you have a deadline

– budget limitations

– nature of the project (for example demo or published cd)

– other wishes regarding the project