Recording equipment

Mobile studio:
-Echo Audiofire 12 – interface – 12- inputs
-8 channels SSL XLogic VHD – preamps
-2 channels APHEX 207 – preamps
-Samson S-phone – headphone amplifier

-Genelec 1030A
-AKG K-240 MkII
-Sennheiser HD280Pro

-2 x AKG C 451 B
-AKG D112
-Audio Technica AT4033a
-Audio Technica AT815b
-Royer R-121
-2 x Sennheiser MD-421 II
-Sennheiser e606
-2 x Shure SM57
-Shure SM58
-Tbone RM-700

Guitar and bass gear
-Fender Champ 600
-Fender Mini Twin
-Vox AC15HW (Celestion Blue)
-MesaBoogie TA-15 (head)
-Mesa Boogie 1×12 cab (Celestion Blue)
-AER Compact 60 (v3)
-Parker Fly Deluxe
-Telecaster (Angry Angus)
-Baker ’01 (electric w/humbuckers)
-Larrivee OM-9
-Lowden S32
-Tonehammer (DI/preamp for bass)

-Deering Sierra (5-string banjo)
-Gold Star GF100 (5-string banjo)
-Deering Crossfire (5-string electric banjo)
-Richeliu (4-string plectrum banjo)
-Paris Swing (mandolin)
-various others from theremin to all sorts of whistles and bells

Miihkali Jaatinen – kitara, banjo, opetus, tuotanto